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Growing your business through strategic and appropriate acquisitions can be transformational: giving you considerable competitive advantages and value enhancement.

We help you create an acquisition strategy, seek out the appropriate candidates for acquisition, value and assess the potential acquisition so you make the right offer without overpaying, and structure the transaction to maximize your investment.


Like a balance sheet, a valuation of a business is a snapshot of the market worth of a business at a point in time, and there are times when your business requires an independent valuation by an expert in that industry: estate planning, capital raising for growth or acquisition, buying out or transferring shares or memberships.

Our database of thousands of regional media statistics, comparables and benchmarks provides the foundation for a credible, market-worthy valuation that we stand behind.

Strategic Assessments

You don’t want to sell your company now, but someday you do. And the best way to maximize the value of your business is to plan ahead.

Do you know what your company would be worth (and why)? Before you consider a divestiture, an acquisition, or any other strategic business undertaking, knowing the value drivers (and detractors) the market is likely to ascribe to your business can make the difference between a successful transaction and a disappointing one.

A strategic assessment is a snapshot of a business and an action plan for value creation. We assess every aspect of a business - from operational strength to market position to financial performance. And we recommend corrections or improvements, the timeline for implementation, and the impact on the value.


Selling your regional media business is not a decision made lightly, and the process can be complicated. Divesting the right way means realizing the best value for all the work you’ve put into your business.

In today’s market, the highest prices are generally realized with an auction process – a disciplined, timed process in which the right potential buyers are brought into a confidential, competitive process.

This affords access to your proprietary information only in stages, after confidentiality agreements are signed, indications of interest are provided, and access to password-protected data rooms has been permitted.

But whether the auction is the right approach, or a private conversation with a single buyer is your preference, we structure your company’s sale as though it were our own – thoughtfully, meticulously, confidentially – and always with the goal of guiding you through every stage to get you the highest price and best terms the market can offer.