Regional Knowledge, Regional Relationships

No one knows the pulse of a community like a regional media company, and no one knows regional media deals and the pulse of the market like we do. Our deep knowledge of this industry and its participants is supported by an industry-unique database of regional media buyers, sellers, statistics, benchmarks and comparables, all available to help us achieve our clients’ transaction goals.

Discipline and Creativity

The right kind of transaction process is the one that works for our clients. For sellers, whether it’s a full two-stage auction, a limited auction or a preemptive discussion with one buyer, we structure each process individually, based on the characteristics of the company, the market of buyers, and the desired outcome. For buyers, it’s a structured approach to finding our clients the single, right company or several to create a platform. Each step is a disciplined, professionally run, collaborative process to ensure the best outcome, with maximum confidentiality and minimal disruption for our clients.

Regional Deal Expertise

No two transactions are the same, so no two deal structures are the same. Whether it’s partnerships, family businesses, C-corps, S-corps or LLCs - East Coast to West, North to South – the right deal structure is a customized and thoughtful process: from maximum cash at closing, to fair and equitable earnouts or guaranteed deferred payments, to working capital leave-behinds, asset allocations and tax-free exchanges. We work to craft the best possible deal for our clients, and stay with the process at every stage to ensure a successful outcome, each time.

Operating Expertise

We understand deal-making, and we understand magazine publishing and digital media. We come from a background of having successfully launched, operated, grown, bought or sold magazine and web businesses, including our own. We’ve developed successful and innovative strategies and directed complex media operations. The result is a team that understands the media industry from the inside out, knows what the buyers want to see, what the sellers should look like, and how to put it all together to broker a successful transaction.

Commitment to Service

No one works harder for our clients. If you are selling, we understand that it is a considered, and sometimes conflicting, decision. We understand that everyone needs advice and guidance throughout the process, and we remain firmly on your side, helping you think through each decision and goal, so that you achieve the successful outcome you want.

The RMA Difference

Our Focus is Your Advantage

Regional Media Advisors was founded with one mission: to help regional media companies – online and offline – achieve successful transactions. We help our sellers to get the best price and the best solution, and our buyers find the right company at the right price. We achieve this by offering the same level of M&A expertise that has until now only been available to large, national companies.

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